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Originally Posted by Riempie View Post
Just noticed an ACA 1233 030 40mhz on the site of Vesalia and on
Does anybody know if this one is any different from the ACA 1232 030 40mhz card?
The ACA1233 is essentially an ACA1232 - no memory timing difference, no A1200 timing difference, identical performance. Only change is that there's an unsupported place for an FPU - for all you guys who think that adding an FPU is a good idea.

"unsupported" means that whenever someone solders in a socket or an FPU, warranty and product support ends. According to my calculations, the pin capacitance added by the FPU makes burst instable, which is why none of my other cards has an FPU(-socket). However, with some "I-know-better"-tinkerers modding the ACA1232 way beyond specification, this is yet another possibility to leave spec'd territory.

Originally Posted by demolition View Post
My 1232 does not. It has 127MB at 0x1000000 and the last MB is reserved for maprom. No memory at 0xc00000. The ACA620 has it though.
Check again - I introduced the "fixed" 1M@0x00c0.0000 with the ACA1232, and even the ACA1230 had mem there if you close the kick3.0 jumper. I'd be surprised if the memory disappeared on your card :-)

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