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Of course G3258 is better. By far, but to me it's a bit of overkill for what I wanted to do. Although I would probably use AMD's kabini platform if I would go to dedicated with more ooomph. I have one currently for my HTPC.
This was intended as small dedicated computer that would run WinUAE and boot straight to workbench, it doesn't need to be ultra fast, only to be able to run standard A1200 configuration to be able to play games via WHDLoad. So far that's achieved . Even a bit better than I hopped for, according to sysinfo this emulated one is twice the speed of my real A1200 with ACA1230. I tried running few games and they also run fine. Only thing I noticed was that mouse in Workbench doesn't have 100% fluid movements. But that could just be me.

There are few more things I need to do, get bigger CF card so I can put both windows and winuae + HDF on it. Currently it has 4GB CF so it's kinda tight.
I've modded XP installation with nlite so when installed and with swap file disabled it takes about 620MB on CF card (ISO is 130MB). Although it would be better when/if I figure out how to configure and use Win XP Embedded. That would make even faster boot and would use less space on CF.

Now I only have to make DB9 to USB adapters so I can use my Comp pros and it's all set. All in all I'm satisfied with results .
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