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Originally Posted by adrdesign View Post
Woa, didn't expect that discussion!!! Hope to be polite

1st of all: Like me, there are lots of non-english people that could have limited english skills, so they (like me) can be sound kinda rude. I preffer just reading the opinion, not the way they wrote. So, tomcat666, I respect your opinion and understand you Everyone has his own likes, moreover in this nostalgic things (they are engraved in our memory, mixed with emotions and feelings).

That modules are my best try, I don't have the skills for making a faithfull-sounding c64 tune because the sounds, but I ASSURE you that the C64 tuneS (THERE ARE THREE) and the YM tunes notedata are the same (1:1).

Actually I'm working on music for living and didn't have inspiration enough, I did that conversions like I was doing a sudoku (sure, It's kinda to me) trying to keep as much feel as I could.

Think of my modules like a starting point. Anyone can retouch them If they love the tune enough.

PS: I wish there was more people lending hands for projects like this. I'd love to see more music versions also for my pleasure c'mon people!
Hi Adr. I think you're notes were right, but the arrangement could use a little tweaking. would you mind if I work with your version and come up with an alternative? =)
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