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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
- Fastlane Z3 SCSI board emulation implemented, another FAS216 based SCSI controller. z3scsi.device from in rom scanner, but it would be nicer to have full dump. SCSI part only, memory part ignored.
- Oktagon 2008 SCSI board emulated. This was interesting, it has "software DMA" (SCSI chip is told to do DMA transfer but "DMA controller" is IO space that CPU reads or writes), it also have 512 byte serial EEPROM used to store config (with only 15 bytes used). EEPROM data is internal, not saved to any file. 6.12 (last release?) boot ROM added to rom scanner. Autoconfig data is currently not confirmed. Support added only because it was quite different than most other SCSI controllers.
Out of interest, are FAS216, ESP216 and 53C94 compatible chips? Some models of Oktagon 2008 have Emulex ESP216, others AMD or NCR 53C94.
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