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Originally Posted by AMIGASYSTEM View Post
He apologizes Toni, I thought that the only request was sufficient, attach log
Unfortunately log shows nothing interesting. Does it only affect OS 4.0? (4.1 works?) When does it happen? Before OS4 boot screen appears?

Originally Posted by mark_k View Post
Does that change mean it's no longer possible to emulate an A2091 with auto-boot disabled (e.g. for use with Kickstart 1.2)?
"ROM disabled" option seems to have disappeared from GUI.. Will be fixed in next beta.

Originally Posted by amilo3438 View Post
Also, and immediately followed would donate for a better (more accurate) A1200 emulation if I knew it could help ... it is much easier to pay than to spend time. (Although some say that time is money, it seems that you get more respect if you pay/donate than spend time/donate ... I'll never figure out the reason for it.)
Donating probably won't help with this problem because I don't have any good ideas how to properly emulate it. I don't want to ask donations for some feature that may not happen. (Reason why I asked for PPC donations only after I knew it can work, to motivate me to actually finish it, which is quite boring task..)
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