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Random lockups, general question


I am experiencing random lockups in Workbench, unfortunately I am not able to track the cause... I have installed WinUAE b7+ and *ALL* Cosmos libraries in my OS 3.9 hardfile with BB4, on the same day and after this, Workbench started to lockup for no reason...

I am removing all patches and updates, but the issue persists! VirusZ, Safe, and VirusChecker dont report anything strange...

The WinUAE logs didnt say anything important, except some access to A2065 before the lockup, but I guess its nothing.

I want to ask if anyone had the same issue with WinUAE or Cosmos libraries ultimately. I like the two products and I want to continue using the two...

For example, this last WinUAE b14 update, I simply cant use on my computer, none of the emulated RAM boards that I use even boots.

About Workbench, anyways, it lockups randomly any time and I even dont need to do anything, it simply lockup after some time the system is idle...

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