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Originally Posted by hansel75 View Post
There is also a little program in the 2nd pic that apparently allows you to hear the tapes audio through your tv's speakers!

This would be awesome if it worked, it would make the job of head alignment so much easier.
There's a typo on line 20. It should read...

20 c=0:forl=49152to49198
...but after that it's fine. You'll have to crank the volume up most of the way on a C64C though, essentially it's playing the tape output as a sample.

Originally Posted by hansel75 View Post
Also does anyone know if the Super Snapshot v3 cart i have is any good for anything, or worth much to sell?
i think the DOS wedge that should work with an SD2IEC but it would depend on if the fastloader is supported at the SD2IEC's end (i use an Action Replay 6 but don't get the fastloading because it isn't supported). i don't think i've ever owned any version of the Super Snapshot so can't test it here.
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