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Originally Posted by hansel75 View Post
Edit- Also what do you guys think of the Turbo Chameleon 64 if they can be found for sale, specs here-
Well, this might as well be my first post... =-)

i've got an SD2IEC, 1541 Ultimate 2 and Turbo Chameleon and that saying about getting what you pay for is true. If you just want to load single file stuff or disk images that don't rely on the disk drive's processor then the SD2IEC and the variations are okay but keep a real 1541 handy to transfer stuff that needs a more accurate emulation and preferably a cartridge to make sending commands easier.

If you want a real disk emulation and the ability to emulate cartridges including the Easyflash series, the C64GS games like Toki which are just a bit too big to work on a stock C64 and pretty much any fastloader cartridge (as well as having RAM expansion support for those jewel cracks that support it) then the 1541 Ultimate 2 is a very purchase.

But if you want the features of the 1541U2, VGA out and PS/2 keyboard/mouse in, infra red for a CDTV pad and the option to spin processing speed up for sluggish games like those built with Freescape (as well as a few other toy) consider the Chameleon. It can even handle an FPGA emulation of other machines like the Spectrum and Atari 8-bit with more on the way. My work machine (the one i test code and play games on) has the Chameleon in the back and is connected to the KVM switch i have on the two PC desktops, whilst the 1541U2 and SD2IEC are in storage boxes and only come out for gaming events or testing machines.

The only word of "warning" to add is that, whilst the hardware is finalised, the Chameleon's firmware is still considered to be in beta but that means they'll take bug reports and deal with them.
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