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Originally Posted by Photon View Post
Yeah, basically you want a 512k/512k kick 1.3 Amiga if you're going for floppy games (whether actual disks or .adfs). Didn't see him mention compatibility issues if the Amiga deviates from that config? (Basically all the way up to a WHDLoad machine.)

Good that he had a pic of the battery issue in the A500+, maybe he should have stressed more that one that isn't actually checked could be a real headache. Don't even buy tested units until the seller says he's checked or fixed it.
I´ve had to cope with leaked batteries in other hardware (NeoGeo) and they can be a real pain in the ass. If you are unlucky the acid can damage the motherboard so badly.

Originally Posted by Unknown_K View Post
The Commodore A500 trapdoor RAM module has an RTC with battery in it also so beware that can leak. I took the shield off of mine and replaced the battery ages ago with a coin type.

That´s useful info if you´re planning to buy a 500´s memory expansion or an Amiga 500+, by the way.
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