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The Commodore A500 trapdoor RAM module has an RTC with battery in it also so beware that can leak. I took the shield off of mine and replaced the battery ages ago with a coin type.

Anyway I started off with the A500 Kickstart 1.3, 512K trapdoor RAM, and external floppy when I got the Amiga gaming bug over a decade ago. For most people this is a good starting point since they don't get into that many old games and flipping a few floppies isn't an issue and its CHEAP. If you really get into the old games then the A1200 + 030 comes in handy, or an A4000 030. Whdload is a good investment if you have an 030 + some RAM and HD. The A500 is kind of expensive to get a decent HD for, then again so are 030 Amigas anyway these days.
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