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Originally Posted by hansel75 View Post
Since i have a real datasette and disk drive here as well, is it possible to write a rom image out to real media with an sd2iec?
Basically something that's the equivalent to the amiga adf to floppy writing utils, but for the c64!
You can only write floppy images, for example D64 files, out to floppy disks. ROMs can be much bigger than a floppy (some are for example 512kB which is much more than the 170kB a floppy disk can hold), so that is not possible in an automated way. If by ROMs you mean D64 files, then they can be written to a real disk from the SD2IEC using any regular disk copy program (not using any turbo modes). You need two IEC cables and connect it like this: C64 <-> 1541 <-> SD2IEC.
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