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Originally Posted by hansel75 View Post
Since i have a real datasette and disk drive here as well, is it possible to write a rom image out to real media with an sd2iec?

Is there a special utility for the job?

I ask because with some of the new releases that won't work on an sd2iec, this might be a way around it by using disks on my real 1541-II instead!!

Basically something that's the equivalent to the amiga adf to floppy writing utils, but for the c64!
Must be some kind of nibble copier for the sd2iec. Personally i prefer tapes... (Emulated loading or the real thing). The loading music etc adds to the experience for me. A sd2iec is ok, but the 1541 ultimate is what i want... The price i don't mind... The lag in getting one and lack of postal insurance i really dislike.

I actually laugh about how people say the c64 takes to load a game. With fastloadero most are loaded in 3.5 mins... Boot your xb360 by the time it forces you to watch the splash screens to when you actually play... Its not always that much different.
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