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Originally Posted by Asman View Post
Your post make me to rethink what I'm posted and I still think why they used
move.w #RoutineNumber,d0
trap #3
Instead of just
jsr Routine
Which is much simpler for me and more obvious then trap.

And what you mean when you write low-level code ? What kind of routines you mean ? Thank you.
I think what Stingray means is code that isn't game speed critical.

Setting up a screen one time outside of a main game loop, or inserting colours into registers, disabling the audio filter, these are all low level routines, they are not time critical, they do the job required, and thats enough.

If any of these routines were to be in a main game loop (i.e. constantly refreshing colour registers etc), then that would be an issue and better code or optimization would be in order.
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