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Update to icon.library 46.4.378:

I've forgotten to set the memory type for AllocVec() in 46.4.377. Delete it!

Changed the direct drawing again by replacing the row based loops with a routine working on the complete pixel array at once. This requires to allocate and free larger image buffers, which can't be taken from the stack anymore, but it's at least 1-2% faster for TrueColor icons and up to 10 % or more for color mapped icons. In addition, it reduces the size of the 68020 version further. There are no functional changes in the 68000 version.

Sorry, but your script seems to be unusable now. Under DOpus5 it says "No directories here. Choose the official test icon package!". Such a message is just annoying. And on the Workbench the script starts with its passes, but it seems to be in an endless loop of very fast measurements. I prefer to use your old script and maybe I will try adapt it for DOpus5 requirements if I have the time.

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