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Midi out not working with Music X

I'm trying to get some old MuiscX midi stuff from years ago.
I want to run MusicX playing its midi sequences and record them on a new sequencer (Reaper) so I can work with them again.

I've got Win UAE set up to have its MIDI set to my MIDI interface on my PC.
MIDI in works, I can play my MIDI keyboard and the notes appear in MusicX.
But when I play those notes back via midi out they don't appear on the MIDI interface.

I've tried installing LoopBe MIDI interface and tried using that but still no joy.

I've got MIDI-OX running and can see that it is picking up nothing on the interface.

Does anyone know if there is any setting or something I'm missing in Win UAE or MusicX that might prevent it working?

If I route to the internal GM wavetable synth I can get the notes playing but I can't record them.

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