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Originally Posted by hansel75 View Post
But i do realize there are new releases in the crt format, can crt roms be converted to other rom types like prg etc with a util/converter??
It depends entirely on the game. Some new games like Bomberland would have to be manually recoded to become multiload. Quite a big investment. Other simpler games may not need much work at all to turn to prg format.

You forgot to mention he'll have plenty of time to save up the money for the 1541 U-II since it'll take several months before he'll get his unit. Aside from that, not everyone is willing to pay 3 or 4 times the price of a used C64 for an expansion, no matter how good it is.
The wait really is not a problem. I just carried on using my datasette till the unit arrived and didn't get impatient. I think the price really is worth it for anyone wanting to seriously get back into C64. For just a casual gamer, who is not interested in new game/demo releases, the SD2IEC is perhaps worth it.


There were some rumours about Gideon ending production of the Ultimate. But as far as I know they are just rumours, Gideon hasn't said anything concrete either way. Although I haven't been to the 1541U forums for a while, so things may have changed.
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