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For "the function not found" error (makedir() function) I forgot about rexxsupport.library (libs must be add ) I use because here it is always in the list of libraries. However, try the updated script.

The "how to access icons" behaviour has changed as you noticed. It should (only) work this way:

E.g. you have icon packages like "def_icons", "Drawers", "Prefs" and "Kens2013" then you choose "testicons" dir vie requester. Btw. spaces in dir name isn`t supported, so "def icons" woun`t work for example.
If that doesn`t work, please let me know. Notice that informations are taken from,, and

About the DOpus5 icon behaviour it might be good if the dev team of V5.9x just use your icon.library in the future. About V5.82 I wouldn`t care.

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