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Originally Posted by ajk View Post

Yes, any analog input is going to be rare in the future. But if kjmann14's device provides good image quality in a single device rather than a clunky chain of cables, and is even optimised particularly for the Amiga, I'm sure it's a nice option.

I use a Startech card to capture RGB. It's only about €100 or so. [ Show youtube player ] captured with it. Original is 50fps of course but YouTube does not allow that yet.
I assume you mean this card?

I believe that is is one of Micomsoft's cards re-branded, but it does work well from what I've read and it is good for the price if you have an an extra internal PCI-E slot to accommodate it.

Although the video and audio capture sector is definitely trending more towards external devices, I'd guess due to the benefits of noise isolation and the popularity of Mini-ITX builds only having 1 PCI-E 16x slot.

It would be nice if StarTech did a version of the XCAPTURE-1. < A good website for information about video scalers.
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