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I've just testet the new script with AmiKit 1.7 in the DOpus5 envirenment loading Ken's Icons v4 into RAM:

The behaviour was not as expected. After making a copy of Ken's Icons into RAM: the script startet to open the subdirectories instead of the basedir "OpenWinTemp", like "def_icons", "Drawers", "Prefs" and "Kens2013, which I also have additionally. Now the most interesting fact: for the first three subdirs it did not show the icons inside, but for "Kens2013" it just worked fine. I will try to find the readon soon.

The reason is that DOpus5 needs a drawer icon in the DiskObject() format instead of a PNG icon to be able to display the drawers contents with the OpenWin.rexx script. So, has to be a drawer icon with a DiskObject() structure which can be achieved by using the icon.library calls:
PutDiskObject(OpenWinTemp, DiskObject)
Unfortunately, it doesn't help to copy the icon from the harddisk to RAM: and then convert it with Snapshot. The reason seems to be yet another secret of DOpus5.

In the Workbench environment, the script failed in line 52 with error 10/15: function not found.

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