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Originally Posted by kjmann14 View Post
Looks Pretty Pathetic. We supported them at first when they announced the atari 8-bit version and it just seems too convenient that the game was shelved on the eve of it's release. If this amiga version is in anyway an indicator of the regular quality of their work, then I won't be purchasing any games from them in the near future. This game doesn't look good enough to be an OCS game, much less an AGA game.

Sad. Very Sad. My company will never put out garbage like this.
Totally agree and me and Sal don't agree on much these day..

All the products that Sal puts out are both FINISHED and to a superb degree of technical excellence, these are proper commercial products and not some vapourware or less than bargain bucket nonsense that don't deserve free status let alone your cash.

Pete and his many clones didn't get grilled on Atariage for no reason, we encouraged until it became clear it was a shambles, if Pete wants to blame anyone then he should look in the mirror.

Oh dear, I'm most likely back on the childish Losers page again with the impending 1 day to go legal action.

And its been a damn long day!
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