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Regarding those demos you cannot play, remember sd2iec is NOT a real 1541 hardware emulator.. it doesn't emulate Processor, memory space, internals etc. For sure if the demo (or the loader or the program itself) is based on one of the above resources it won't work correctly or it won't work at all. Some fast loaders are "emulated" in the firmware so they work but SD2IEC can cope only with what she knows. If it was a real 1541 emulation (like 1541 Ultimate) it could cope with anything you throw at it since a real emulation of 1541 in its entirety can accomodate any custom programming needs. SD2IEC is a sort of compromise... it allows to play 99% of what you come across but not all (if you're in the demo business this percentage is significantly less), even d64 format is a compromise that doesn't allow to reproduce all the disks.. but you pay far less than for a complete emulation stuff. Again it depends on what you need, I think that for casual user SD2IEC at the moment is the best compromise.
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