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I think the point is what demolition said. It's related to "emotion" and "sentimentality".. I bought Ultimate II tape adapter for the same reason, but I have also a uIEC and an Infinity + ITS module.

If you don't need TAP support you don't need it dot.. I like to have it as first because I want to play those games (that are not just a few) that for you are immaterial because you didn't pass through my same experience in the 80's and secondly because this way it's a complete emulation.. If one day I will find a TAP I like there won't be any need for me to go any further to convert or search for anything else, I load it. That manosoft package contains a huge number of TAPs as well.

However nobody is forcing any kind of choice, it fully depends on you to buy something that fullfills your expectations. Regarding 20 mins of loading, I can remember only one game taking so long: Manic Miner saved with ROM loader 220 turns.. !! I could have breakfast waiting for it to load.. but many of the other games (and even MM) saved with a fast loader required much less time (few minutes usually).. This fact of having everything loaded in split seconds however is a modern requirement.. those days we were far more patient :

Regarding the video I use instead an old 1084S.. I bought it those days.. Call me a purist :

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