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Pal Gamecube Video Output Options?

Hi, with my pal gamecube i have i am using it with the basic composite cable on a crt tv.

My tv also has s-video and component rgb inputs on it, but the pal gamecubes don't support s-video, only the ntsc models do.

And i am not willing to spend au$200 on a gamecube component cable either.

What i am wondering is, would something like this work to give me superior picture quality-

A gamecube pal scart cable-

And a converter that converts Scart RGBS to the Component RGB YUV Video Format-

I do realize that i wouldn't get progressive scan mode support from a scart output, but that doesn't worry be greatly.

I just want a cleaner, sharper image on my crt tv and this combo would be half the price of a gamecube component cable.

But i would like some advice first before i look at buying them, basically would this combo work and would it give me proper rgb support on my tv at 480i?

Edit- My crt tv does not have scart inputs, scart was never that big in Australia so tv's with scart were rare here, s-video was more popular in oz.

Also as a bonus, would that converter box convert an Amiga with a scart cable to component on the crt tv as well?
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