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With most of the games i have played in other non tap formats, i still get the loading screen and music before the game starts and it's up to you to press a key to skip it or you can let it play out, and it's all done much quicker then the slower tap method.

I can understand some people wanting to use the tap format and have the slow load times, maybe to demonstrate to someone how things were in the old days.

But would you really want to wait up to 20mins to load a game?, when you could of been playing it in a few minutes instead, and still get the loading screens and music as well as the speedier load times.

Also i don't mind using new tech on old computers to take out the hassle of real disks and tapes, and to speed everything up.

But i do agree that if you have a real c64 then you really need to have a real crt tv to go with it, i personally use a 68cm crt tv with the c64 hooked up to it via s-video
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