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I think it's safe to say the manosoft sd2iec rom packs i use on my infinity will cover every requirement of mine.

I'm honestly not to worried about some obscure Italian games that may not be in these packs i have.

I have access to around 4000x d64 roms, 170x d81, 900x m2i, 5500x prg and around 10000x p00 roms, plus around 1700 demos in asst formats from the manosoft roms pack.

And these are all playable with the inifinity, and all of them apart from the p00 roms are useable on pretty much any sd2iec device.

I think that's enough to keep anyone busy and probably covers about 99.9% of all releases, so again i'm not greatly concerned about a few rare tape games that i have never seen before.

Lol i'll probably never get around to playing all my old favorites first let alone stuff i have never played before.

The only thing that sucks a bit with the sd2iec's in general and from my experience with the infinity, is that when i have tried to run some new release demos and games that i downloaded and put on the sd card myself, some of them don't run properly.

Edit- Although the sd2iec lacks crt support, i'm quite sure that all of old crt roms have already been either converted, or saved out into prg or p00 formats anyway.
But i do realize there are new releases in the crt format, can crt roms be converted to other rom types like prg etc with a util/converter??

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