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I'm not saying you're wrong, your consideration on what to buy, at personal level, is completely correct.. You think a container is useless in a card like this.. ok.. I think that when your nude card comes in contact with that damn coin you forgot on the table you immediately realize that having a container in a card like this is not just fancy stuff. But if you're a picky person maybe this will never happen and you saved some bucks.

At any rate if you look closely to the two cards you will notice there are more differences than just the container. Again you've to evaluate.

In the end you can always decide to save the money buying the 30$ card and buy that "less than half tank of gasoline" for your car that the difference in the price allows you.. this is your choice.

but again, this doesn't mean C64SD (the previous model) is the same as the 30$ card.. you get what you pay for. It depends if this is enough for you or not, some features are more useful than others or might be wise to have, you simply cannot IMHO just judge from the fact they're both SD2IEC and one costs less than the other.

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