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Again.. do not focus on TAP support, TAP support is there to recreate exactly the same feeling and the very same experience you had in those days, answer to my question: why do you use the real stuff while there's a nice emulator on PC that runs virtually any stuff around ?
With TAP support you can load tapes exactly as you were doing those days.

hansel75, yes, that's part of what I meant. You can probably copy it to disk but I don't think you can recreate exactly the same behavior.

Regarding Ultimate II, nice piece of hardware, It happens I have it, I had to wait six months after the payment to get it, I know (and I could be wrong here) that it's going to be discontinued. And again it applies the same rule, it depends on how much you would like to spend and the performance you would like to have in return. I would never say that Ultimate II is waste of one's money even if I can tell you the average user will use 20% of its potential and it costs actually a LOT compared to the hardware you connect it to. Say that your C64 power supply fails.. 10$ stuff failing would kill a huge amount of money.. But anyway it could be a good choice anyway.. it runs the demos as John was saying, if it's so important for you it could make the difference..

These are the considerations one's should think about.

Coming back to SD2IEC they're are not all the same as it could seem. Some are offering more in terms of circuit topology, usability, robustness, features, these ones could cost more but the additional cost could be justified if you need the additional features or you like the better usability or you appreciate the better lifespan of the product. That's the end user judgement. Before saying a product is a waste of one's money better to think twice and have very strong arguments at hand.

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