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Originally Posted by john1979 View Post
If you're willing to spend the money, then the 1541 Ultimate-II with the cassette adapter add on is the way to go.

I dislike the sd2iec because of compatibility problems with demos as mentioned earlier. Adding to that the sd2iec can't use crt files, and many new games are being released in this format.

Adding to that, you don't have to faff with card readers and sd cards. The cart will happily take a usb drive as big as you like. Why penny pinch buying all these different units when you could just save up and buy the thing that does the job right first time. I don't think I've ever unplugged mine from the C64 since I got it.
You forgot to mention he'll have plenty of time to save up the money for the 1541 U-II since it'll take several months before he'll get his unit. Aside from that, not everyone is willing to pay 3 or 4 times the price of a used C64 for an expansion, no matter how good it is.
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