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I have found the copy protection routine in lbC003172 hehe

sync $4124 (looks like the usual gremlin protection track....)

So far, no sign of any Blitter or copper routine, only pure 68000 code (Pfff !)

EDIT : found LINK and UNLK, so it also use C code

EDIT : Absolutely no use of any hardware register for the GFX, sound, music ! Only DFFXXX Interrupt request, VHPOSR, and 2 others.

The amiga is almost used like if it was an Atari ST, minor the few amiga specific regs, feck !

I understand why the whole bloated thing runs at 6 frames per sec ! The problem is the amount of time needed to work out the ST screen routines and convert those to blitter assisted routines.....

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