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Firstly what I'm questioning is the judgement "is a waste of one's cash", not the fact TAP support is vital. Of course one has to pay how much he's willing to pay but he has to be aware of what he's buying.

Regarding TAP not on disk I can mention very easily all the cassettes that were sold in the newsstands in Italy.. you won't find them on disk.. You might (or might not be) aware that in Italy 1541 was costing more than C64 itself so many people bought just a C2N and they were sourcing the games from these cassettes.. you might find the original game on D64 but not the one customized as in the cassettes I'm talking about not to mention the intros displayed during loading that you won't find anywhere else. You might not be interested in this but this doesn't mean there's no one else that is. Having TAP support is the only way to relive those epic days.

Coming back to the card itself. There's nothing wrong with the Polish card at 30$ if you're tight on budget but for sure there are limitations in its usage, some you can easily spot, C64SD costs more but offers more (it's not costing more just to waste someone's wallet)

So the correct statement would have been: if you don't need additional features C64SD offers (that is not "just" TAP support) you can go for 30$ Polish card, not what it has been written.

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