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I did noticed that he has some animosity towards AtariAge crowd for commenting harshly about his game or his company. People are harsh and you need to take it with a thick skin, so making a specific page called "AtariAGE losers page" is just childish.
Not only that, but he sent me a series of (rather laughable) emails with threats of legal action on the grounds of "deformation" [sic], and then stalked me on Facebook (that's where he discovered the name of my wife, who is now addressed directly on the "Losers" page). Most of the stick he received came after he started acting like a nutter on the forum. And the fact he finished the Amiga version (to a low standard) does not excuse the fact the Atari version was vapourware. A nasty, mixed-up character. Don't get involved with him directly (for any purpose other than telling him how great he is), unless you want to waste a lot of time dealing with harassment from one or more of his multiple personalities.
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