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As Akira noted pretty much all tape releases have been released in other formats, like d64 and prg.

Plus you could use d64 compilation packs like the 340 Blast game disks, and that would also cover most bases with single load games in packs.

I do agree with akira though and think that tap support is not really vital.

But there has been mentioned a few times now that some tape games are only available in tap format.

If anyone can name me some tape games that they doubt where released in any other format, let me know and i can check my massive manosoft sd2iec rom packs out of curiosity.

As all i would need to get is the ITS module for tap support, but i really don't think i need it with all the games i have in various other formats.

I am pretty sure that any game that anyone could think of for the C64 will be in the packs i have in non tap formats.

There are also the p00 roms the infinity supports, they could be tape images but i'm not sure, i have around 10000 p00 roms i can use as well!

The infinity v2 is really nice, but if on a budget i guess your definitely better of going with something that's half the price as it.

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