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The original Sakura boards, as discussed in this thread are almost complete - just minor stuff left like packaging, sending to shop, etc. We estimate they will be shipped to users in next two weeks (everyone who preordered will get information from the shop soon).

In the meantime we are thinking about making a much more advanced version in the future. This new version could have the following features:
- 2 or 4 MB Fast RAM, performing similarly to the current Sakura board (accelerating unexpanded A1200 to 1.92 MIPS)
- Ethernet 100 Mbit
- bootable microSD slot
- Flash ROM to hold the boot code and drivers
- Attribute memory for CIS supporting read/write (unlike current Sakura where it is read-only)
- clockport maybe?

The original version was designed for people who want just the low cost memory expansion. In this new version we could focus on power user needs, but of course cost would be much higher too (don't have any estimate yet).
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