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Originally Posted by StingRay View Post
I like how you conclude that just because something uses 16 color Atari ST degas pictures it is "typical ST port shit"... It's not like the graphics data can easily be converted at runtime to Amiga format...

Anyway, the game is way too slow to be enjoyable, I doubt the ST version is much faster. The binaries are still in Atari ST format and I am checking the code, not sure I can be bothered to do anything with that game though.
What i mean by that is that since the game is ST native, it means no more than 16 colors, when the amiga could have handled IFF 32 colors (maybe 64 colors could be possible ?), that's why it's shitty ! This game uses 256 colors in original, 16 colors that's way too low ! Even 32 colors would be a bit "just" to be honest.....

then, the amiga version has a hidden file table, all those are hidden on the disk,and they have real filenames. I would have been pleased to even disassemble it with resource if i had the possibility to ressource it.

The game is unfortunately a bit faster on ST, sorry to say it. That's because and you will confirm it, that the 68000 code for this game relies mainly on the processor !

Also about the Z80 to 68000 code conversion, this is not possible.
the main reason is that coin-op code programs, either in Z80 code or 68000 code, interleaves code parts with data parts like this :


And so on. The tiledata are the data parts, this are like configuration data in order the get the exact sprite sequences. As such, most arcade sprite rips are uncomplete on the sites where you can find them.

I can speak about this matter because i have already fully sipped Final fight arcade sprite data, in order to build full sprites frames for Final Fight AGA (i did DAMND, EDI.E already). From let's say 50 tiles for 1 sprite (ex : BILL BULL, i have been able by looking at the sprite data to build 69 sprites frames !!). A game like final fight arcade can have sprites built from spritedata file as big as 11kb, which is really huge.

I think the z80 code has been converted almost by hand, and Richard Lilley has ripped from the coin-op program code the level datas, because the levels are very faithfull to those of the coin-op minoring the secret places in the walls with bonus items.

To note also that tiledata are based on bytes, where on final fight they are word based.

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