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Hi guys, sorry I was out for a few days.


About the Alt thing. iGame picks up a game's title from the slave file itself. It is the same string that appears when launching the game, i.e. encoded by the slave author.

When there are multiple slaves with the same title, iGame must keep them apart (i.e. not have the same title, as that would confuse the application). So that's where the Alt thing comes in. All these Alt titles are whdload slaves which should appear on your list. You can then edit their titles if you like to something more appropriate. But iGame doesn't really know if it needs to filter them out or not. Hope it clears it up.


I'm very sorry about this. Can't really remember when we discussed it before if you sent me an example to have a look at or not. Please do send a script so I could check it on my setup.


On rescan yes, it will delete a non whdload game from the list. Known bug, will fix. But I'll also check the freeze part on my setup. Thanks!
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