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Sorry i might of messed up about the easyflash stuff, the roms pack i got from manosoft included an easyflash folder with 137 easyflash crt files in it, and i mistakenly thought it supported it.

Not sure why the roms were included in there packs though?

The infinity v2 supports d64, d71, d81, m2i, p00, prg formats, and tap format with the ITS module.

So the only advantage is the extra p00 and tap formats(with module).

Could someone explain to me what p00 files are?, as the manosoft packs included 10000 roms in p00 format!

Plus what are the m2i's? They seem to be multiload games hacked into some other format, there easy to use though

As much as i like my infinity v2, it did cost extra and from the sounds of it your better of just going with a basic sd2iec unit for half the price.

Edit- My inifinity manual says p00 is Cartridge version, and m2i is Game Multiload.
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