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As I said, they are all basically the same. The one I posted originally is even cheaper and works JUST teh same way. They are ALL based around SD2IEC/uIEC/MMC2IEC etc. Infinity doens't suport "more filetypes" than an SD2IEC, only the TAP ones.

TAP support: besides a loading pic and slow loading time, there's absolutely no difference to a PRG/disk version. I know I don't want to wait around for a slow tape to load and I rather load the PRG straight out of an SD2IEC in seconds.

Seriously: Infinity is a waste of one's cash. Get the 30 USD interface from Poland. Last I checked there was only one left.

Easyflash is a cartridge, C64SD doesn't plug to a cartridge port, so there's no supporting of that possible. I don't know where you got that from.
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