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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
Why would I add this bulky thing outside if I can put the gotek drive inside???
Because, as others have found, putting the Gotek drive inside the case means not being able to see the numerical display, and having to press the buttons with a matchstick.

Oh, and having to crane your neck around the side of the machine to see what the display says.

The advantage with the ExoShell is everything is there in clear view. Buttons are easy to press, and when it has been properly made (injection moulding) and in the correct colour it will complement the Amiga casing very nicely.

Having said that, if you have set your mind on hating it, don't buy it! Simples!

Originally Posted by ADz View Post
I'm sorry but imo that just looks too big/bulk and tbh would annoy the hell out of me being sat on the top sticking up like that.

Much better solution would be to simply create a faceplate to go over the floppy drive that has the display/buttons incorporated into it. Alternatively for people who want to keep a real drive as DF1 and have the Emu as DF0 a slimmer case then the Gotek would be nice
No apology necessary! Don't buy it!

We had this argument back in the day with the old Amiga vs Atari ST arguments.

The Amiga had a big bulky unattractive power supply brick. The Atari had the psu neatly inside the case. Did that stop people buying the Amiga?

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