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Originally Posted by Predseda View Post
I am very curious how you will create a "yellowed A500 case" colour mixture for printing plastic to fit the most remaining A500s
Ha ha good question!

I can see it now......

"Mounty, my Amiga has been in sun too long, make it more yellow."


"No, I looked after my Amiga and it's nearly white, make it less yellow."

Ad infinitum....

Originally Posted by Total Eclipse View Post
Simply because on the Amiga, the centre of the floppy slot is usually wider than the edge or more recessed, so that it should able to accommodate slightly thicker pen drives more easily.
Which looks more appropriate though, a pen drive sticking out of a floppy drive slot, or a pen drive sticking out of my enclosure. Be honest...

Originally Posted by Lord Aga View Post
Mounty's on fire Good job !
I have several of your products on my "to buy" list.
I am indeed on fire MiLord!

As you can see I have branched out into retro enclosures. Learning AutoCAD 2014 at my age is no mean feat, but I'm more than up for it!

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