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I am using the manosoft rom packs that are also sorted into folder structures etc on my SD card, i presume most of these roms have been tested and i have never had any issues with them on the infinity.

There is one large pack that has 83000 files in it at 1.73gb(36000 of them are sids), obviously there is a lot of double ups on different formats in there though.

Then there is the smaller AIO pack with 25000 files at 420mb.

Also the larger pack actually came from an 8gb pack that manosoft used to host, but i just kept the C64 stuff out of it which ended up being 1.73gb.
The rest of the roms were for other systems i don't own.

For some reason manosoft is only hosting the smaller AIO pack at the moment and not the larger packs.

I would presume there much the same as this SD2IEC pack that the Captain linked to anyway.

But i might have a look at this pack as well to see if it's any different, manosoft may have just used this official SD2IEC pack and released it as there own pack.

And the packs are great as they have pretty much every game, demo and util that was ever released.
And every game i have wanted to play so far has been in the packs.

The only issue i have had with the infinity and this probably goes for any SD2IEC device, is with some of the latest demos and game releases that aren't in these packs that i have added to the sd card myself, they haven't been reliable and some don't run at all for some reason!
I will just wait for them to update these packs with the newest releases someday!

Also the roms pack i have on mine comes with sidplay64, a great sid player that can play sids from your sd card.
The packs also come with a sid folder containing something ridiculous like 36000 sid files in it, including all game and demo sids, all selectable via the sidplay64 player.

You can also setup sid play and your sids manually by copying sidplay64.prg into it as well as something like the hvsc sid collection!

I can't help but think what it would of been like 20-30yrs ago for someone to have stepped back in time, and given me one of these gadgets with a tiny sd card containing every game and demo on it, it would of been mind blowing

Edit- ""I'll look into buying one next week "" Nice one Neil, you will love it!

Edit 2- I just downloaded that SD2IEC roms pack the Capt mentioned and it looks similiar to the manosoft pack in structure, but it only contains d64 and prg roms.
The larger manosoft pack i have contain d64, d64 multi, d81, demo, easyflash, m2i, p00, prg, utils,sid folders with roms in each format!
The smaller AIO manosoft pack contains roms for the d64, d64 multi, d81, m2i, p00, prg formats only, and can be found here-

On a side note, although there not hosting the large pack i downloaded from them a few years ago, they do have some upcoming packs in the works-
C64 iso-pack 4gb coming soon
AIO(8bit) iso-pack 8gb coming soon

Edit 3- Lol soz for another edit, i just had a look and i do still have the original 8gb manosoft roms pack here, it contains all the roms for c16, c64, c65, c128, pet, plus4 and vic 20 for use!

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