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Originally Posted by hansel75 View Post
But to be honest tap support doesn't worry me greatly either, as the Infinity V2 supports all these formats-
.prg .p00 .d64 .m21 .d71 .d81

And any tape games that came with loader screens and music, you will still get these before the game starts in these other formats, making the tap format a little redundant.
I'm not sure every multiload tap file has a d64 counterpart without a fastloader on disk the SD2IEC doesn't support, but atm I can't give any examples.

@Neil79: Anyway, the SD2IEC collection here: will keep you busy for months and you don't have to try 10 different cracks to find a working one for a SD2IEC, which imho is the best value for money C64 expansion you can get.
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