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i can give all you need (GFX ripped to perfect from the coin-op, as well as the musics. ADR design has made an awesome job on Final Fight AGA music from my rips.)

Maybe you can do something there Saimon ?

EDIT : From the Start, the coin-op use 1024 colors palette (4x256 colors, or 4x 16 palettes of 16 colors).

it's a 256 colors game (PC like palette). each monster has its own palette, so multiply their number x 16 colors.

Backgrounds use exemple on level one 87 colors alone. 87 it's 4x16(64) + almost 2x16 color palettes.

To get the best results, all the sprites for a level must be mixed with the background in order to get a standard computer
palette on 256 colors.

Next : The sprite datas must be sipped from the Coin-op Code program.

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