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Originally Posted by john1979 View Post
Unfortunately I don't have my unsplit wavs anymore. But for what it's worth I've stuck everything I've recorded so far onto my web server running from my home broadband.
Thanks for that! Unfortunately there wasn't anything usable (so far), except Cannon Fodder on the Amiga, but unfortunately it's incomplete

Originally Posted by john1979 View Post
Anyway I would like to make some contributions to your collection. I will do my best to make the time to record the odd game soundtrack if you tell me what you want.
I would really appreciate if you could do that!
As for the games I would need, they are all under their respective platforms on the site:

In the case of MegaDrive, not all games might have a SFX test screen, but I'd be happy to provide you with the codes necessary to get to it, that is provided that there is such a code available for the game itself

Originally Posted by john1979 View Post
These players tend to loop forever until you select the next song so the whole thing will be joined up so close splitting it would be next to impossible.
I can assure you that it's not more difficult than splitting MT-32 recordings, with it's heavy reverb, so no need to worry about that XD

Originally Posted by john1979 View Post
It's far easier to record one track, stop audacity and add a small fade out so it doesn't just fall off a cliff.
You could just leave it unfaded as well (unless you're posting those recordings on your server) after the 2nd loop (or 3rd, 4th, 5ft, etc., depending on the lenght of the song itself), and I'd be quite happy :P
Thanks in advance!

Also I posted the soundtrack for Loom, so go check it out guys, especially if you're fans of Tchaikovsky
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