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Originally Posted by Baboon View Post
If that isn't too much trouble for you then that would be great.
From what I can tell the Gotek Floppy Emulator doesn't work with the Analogic / WSI Disk Drive interface.

I flashed the Gotek with "1.05a 2K14/03/30" and put the SELECTOR.ADF on a FAT32 flash drive and it just blinks continuously after a couple of green light flashes from the Gotek at boot.

I have tried 5 different USB Flash drives and other Mass Storage devices, CF,SD, MP4 Player all act the same.

I'm not sure if alexh was successful or not as I didn't see a follow up to your request.

If I had to guess a reason it would be that the Analogic / WSI interface accepts standard PC disk drives and makes them compatible with the Amiga CD32, So inserting a flashed Gotek drive would be like putting an Amiga disk drive in the interface and that probably wouldn't work either.

So some kind of alternative firmware would be required here I think.

EDIT: I forgot to mention there is a pin header inside the Analogic / WSI floppy interface, I'm not sure what it is for but it might be for changing the compatibility regarding which kind of floppy drive you use.

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