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Originally Posted by Neil79 View Post
That one is corrupt

EDIT : I was able to get the power pack 27 from Gamebase, let's see if this works
That's strange because i was able to boot it up in the C64 emulator and it ran fine before i posted the link and tap file!

Doesn't matter now as you have located it elsewhere.

Also with your tape issues, have you tried giving the tape port connectors on the back of the C64 a good clean, as with age they get get tarnished.

And before i got my SD Infinity i must of gotten lucky with the cassette adapter method, as apart from some tweaking of the volumes and disabling equalizers on my pc that was outputting the audio, my c2n didn't aligning at all, it just worked!

Also i would screw it down so the head looks level, then start tweaking it from there with the alignment, adjusting it 1/4 turn each time.
Go one way to start with and if no luck, start again and go the opposite way!

From my experience, if the screw is tightened down or really loose, it won't work , it needs to be around the center/level position somewhere, or just near it on an ever so slight angle!

And lol, from my masses of pirated tapes that i used as a kid from swapping games with mates etc, it was a never ending job having to align the c2n for games to work.
I ended up becoming an expert at it because i had to do it so much, but once i added some leads so i could hear the tape signal being played through a speaker, it made the job really easy to do!

Later on i ended up buying a disk drive which was nice to have back then!

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