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I've checked the soldering point and they're fine, a mess but fine.
Then I've replaced the buzzer with a small laptop speaker that I had and now it's working, but the sound is REALLY low!

Originally Posted by solarice View Post
Find the datasheet for the buzzer if you can to check if its the correct type.

Also maybe the transistor is faulty? Are you using the same transistor or a different one, if different check to makes sure the emitter, base, collector are the same way around.

I'm using the Hycom HY-05 Buzzer on mine works between 3v and 8v. 5v rated.

I've ended up putting a 100 ohm resistor in between the speaker and +ve just to bring the volume down a bit to where its close enough to original drive for it not to annoy me.
thanks for your suggestions, I think is just the buzzer that's not the right type.
Will this one work?
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