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I have 200+ NBS (Newport Business Supplies) PD Disks.

Ok guys after what has seems to be have been like a decade of searching, I have finally stumbled upon some bundles of NBS (Newport Business Supplies) Public Domain disks.

People may remember me posting about NBS stuff back along:

So I am going to image these, I have a nice A1200 fully setup ready to go. I picked some disks at random and they imaged fine.

I notice with these things, some were just plain old pd releases the same as all the other PD outfits back in the day! But some have been farted about with and have NBS logos added etc. Some may even be rare for all I know...

As I image them, all details will be logged etc. Shall I go ahead and upload them to the eab ftp or is it better to list them all first?

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