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Originally Posted by Vesko View Post
Yes exactly. So what I learnt so far is that I would need an A500 with 512K expansion for old floppy based games and an A1200 for everything else. And here is my next question: In Wikipedia it's written that A500+ has compatibility problems with some games and somewhere I read that they can be solved with changing the Kickstart ROM back to 1.3. So which one is better - A500 or A500+ or not a big difference - whichever is cheaper/in better condition?
A500 with 512K "slowmem" and A500+ are usually the same price (around 50-60 EUR for a complete tested system). But the first is best for your usage. It could also be that you'd find an A500 with kick 1.3 already, but for A500+ you'd have to buy a kick 1.3 and replace it, and likely also buy a 512K slowmem expansion.
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