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Originally Posted by Codetapper View Post
One other little bug found, the contents page for the demo section is incorrect. RSI Megademo and Jesus On E's are swapped around. I've added it to the Amiga Mag Rack anyway
OMG I really need to fire that useless excuse of an editor and get someone who is half competent... first he lets the issue number slip through unnoticed and now this! Sigh... so hard to find good help these days lol!

will make sure I proof read better next time (just noticed a spelling error on the cheats page.. )

good pickup codetapper... the kids were more distracting than normal this issue so there may be other errors in there somwhere!

Thanks again for the upload to amiga mag rack Will get those remastered disk images I promised to stick on there as well.

thanks everyone for you support, hope you all enjoy this issue.
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