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When i was younger i actually soldered a small lead to the heads of my c24 datasette, i then modded the c2n with an rca out plug built into the casing which was connected to the wires from the heads.

This made it easier if i ever needed to align the heads, all i had to do was plug a single rca cable into the c2n and run it out to the stereo's input we had next to it.

I could then hear the tape signal through the stereo making it really easy to adjust the heads for the strongest signal, it wasn't very loud through the stereo's speakers but it could be heard enough to be able to align a tape ok.

But i would have to unplug the lead when actually trying to load stuff though as it didn't like it when plugged in, with the lead unplugged the c2n worked fine even with the wires soldered to the heads.

Also Neil this might be off topic, but since you have a C64c with the 8580 sid chip in you might want to consider doing a small mod to it so any sampled sounds will play at normal volumes.

Try a game on you C64c like Impossible mission, or Turbo outrun and you will know what i am talking about, as the samples in those games can hardly be heard there so quite.

If interested check out the info in here-

And the actual mod info is here-

It's to do with the refinements they made to the 8580 over the old 6581 sid, samples that play fine on the old 6581 play much quieter on the 8580.

It's really easy to do as i have done it to my own C64c with good results.

Edit- With the tape alignment, have u tried turning the screw a 1/4 turn each time, even maybe 1/8th turn each time, retesting in between each turn, that would normally end up working back in the day!
It would take a while but eventually we would have luck in finding the sweet spot!

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